Emerna - 2008 - Conquest Of Nowhere
Multilateral Mendacity

I had to elect this ambiguous mendacity,
because of your stench, your septic veracity.

the subjective reality of rejected universe,
is smudge on sham essence of reality.

determinated questions around the exist.
and bottomless wounds on my mental sheet.

cryptic quality of my destroyed past, I feel it,
behind the spaceless glare of gloomy specter.

where are those true prophets to deceive us?
to unfix me of enduring the weight of nought.

no answer for being's aimless conduct.
and I see all in the purest bodily insight.

that terrible rue of unfounded proofs is the same,
reply of a doubt that adjudged world as idle !!!!!!! no...

spontaneous in horror, lachrymose I laugh,
to disaster of that answer, I bring for my own real existence.

I laugh...

time: the ludicrous construe of undoubted stagnant be.

world: pathetic notion of unfathered exist.

absence: a poetic object in beyond immeasurability.

exist: limited intelligence on being's actual whatness.

motion: mutilated definition for self-transforming world.

immensity: tolerable reasoning for an unbelievable thing.

perception: composite of arranged results for disharmonic vains.

truth: a man-worshipper sight to hide my misanthropic plans.

... and obstreperous silence of my sob-stained poem,
is horrendous screech in banquet of those songster deafs... Blackmetal