Emerna - 2007 - The Bitter Dream of End
A Place Full Of Ingredients

I saw the man and beast, there was many resemblances.
I had to withdraw this difference, the intellect.

I am here to burn thy light.
to take your cheery sight.
my name is E006.
the messenger of nought.

here is a place for my screams and fears.
here is a void for our piss and tears.
here is a cage and nowhere is my dream.
yes here is an infinite full of ingredients.

0 1 0 0 0
O 0 1 0 0
O O 0 1 0
O O O 0 1 . . . (emptiness)

incredible shape of gloomy vaccum.
planets in nuclides, zero and one, emptiness.
an I/O nature, a sexual mass, an unfathered birth,
transiguration... huahaa...
I felt a terrific variance,
resumption, destruction, mutation, discordance.
do not be a holy beast, you are a res.
stay with fray and behold your flour.
behold your flour in a nowhere full of ingredients.

Familiar Untouchables

I am destroyer of paradise, a lengthening gloom on your hell.
I want to dark your mirage with griminess of reality.
do not be a silly slave, reject me now, reject me.
I am that infinite blackness, I am Emerna, I am lie.
listen to the cardiograph, yes you're stopping with clarity.
the time is still dancing and you are exanimate on bed, away and calm.
can you hear me? where are you going?
where are you now? where?

suspension is begun.

countless times I said and you were apathetic.
death and birth are just parts of a passage, remember?
where are beauties you sought? where is purporst?
can you feel my words? I think not. goodbye my slave.

suspension is done.

An Outwearing Gleam

the blood is food is flesh is grass is water is air is photon is phone.
splash of a father into the machine of a mother.
the result is a growing worm not a miracle.
believe in your nature, believe and stop this aimless conversion.
stop in now and drown the gleam into my absolute gloom.

disharmonic existence of an infinite cage.
compassion of rays in this darkest age.
I can see their gleam, their outwearing gleam.
my frozen shadow and your darkening beam.
we are abandoned we left ourself.
at the time of birth in this empty sphere.
deny me my love! Emerna! cancle me, please.

drown my gleam into thy gloomy embrace.

The Bitter Dream Of End


on the roads of time, waiting for nothing.
the end is a dream, the bitter one.
we'll never die, we never lived.
the game is over, we are lost on the roads of time.