Emerna - 2007 - The New Beginning Of Insanity
The Broken Branches Of Sentiment

do not fear of mine insanity,
there is nothing but solitude with me.

bloody tears are falling cold,
in the river Satan slept alone.

where you'll bring when you'll lost,
a purporst, deep in your life...

quiet a gloom creeping, will be arrived.
quiet the night will be empty...

I curse the name of life, because I am death.
I tear my heart of sick, I rend my all.
forgotten words of unholy mass.
forgotten songs of love.
recollecting my blackest destruction.
recollecting love's future and past.

I fear my sword of self-destruction.

how many stars are drowned in void?
and why the moon is flying deep?

what axe breaks the branches of sentiment?
'till I tear my veins by that.

what plauge chaws the forest of love?
'till I invite that in my eyes.

there is a torn forest of love in silence.
there is an oldness in my solitude...