Emerna - 2007 - In The Ruins Of Time
Your Fancy

the moonless night embraced me,
when the embrace of your fancy abnegated me.
I do not wait for that again.

She Is There

on hatchings of moonless nights,
I wait in the cage of shadows.
I know there is moonlight.
I wait to hear her voice again.

that hymns to the lights of moon.
I know she is out of shadows.

I can't see,
I rend shadows,
by sword with tears.
but I am a shadow,
imprisoned in depths of myself.

I know she is there.

Dead Brain Of Nature

his dark chalet's cuckoo clock stops.
and the fifth season becomes eternal for him.

time had seized the prize of his face and body.
and left him in depths of his lost intellectuality.

winds of salvation didn't laugh in that season.
and nature had sang only the myth of his season.

he had been imprisoned in dead brain of nature's songs.
imprisoned, abandoned in unheard myth of nihility.

Igneous Lips

I drank alone the poison of love with endless sacrifice.
how was sweet as she never knows is my paramour.

I burnt in my dead love's flames.
but I do envy to the heat of her lips.

I've sit in the depths of ashes, here is cold,
until take the heat of body at the time of kiss.

and may I'll burn in her love forever.
burning cold, with the wish of igneous lips.

I drank alone the poison of She.
how was sweet as she never knows.

I burnt in my dead love's flames.
but I do envy to her lips.

I've sit in the depths of ashes.
until take the heat of body for kiss.

and I will burn in her love.
cold, with the wish of igneous lips.

... she never knows is my paramour.
... she never knows is my love.

True Silent Dying

the falling all of nature and grim burning skies of dark.
and then rising of the darkness in my kingdom from the night.

misanthropic holy sadness makes the unholy tears of dreams.
makes the mountains as the stone and the forests as a tree.

true ruinous stroms have come in the landscapes of the dark.
painful dying of the owl I hear it out from the dark.

the sky is burning gray and the stars are darken away.
disintegrate moon on the sky has last shining but gray.

the tired tearing voices, many cages lost the keys.
prisoners in the prisons, and prisons are their creeds.

oh, the morbid castels and cathedrals are the elder ruins like selves.
I feel here is so cold, colder than the colds of flames.

wrathful storms desolates trees from the forests to the deeps.
the deeper and the deeper than the deeps of abyssic griefs.

the graveyard stones of tombs are flying on the air.
empty graves, even the coffins, is this pure? is this the end?

all funerals are here, here is no tears from heart.
here is nature, here is forest, here is flames and here is dark.

true reasons of the living on this earth are where to find?
no one needs the world after death and living in this side.

who is god? who is satan? what is reason of the life?
where is hell? where is heaven? where is where the soul can fly?

who is Ihs? who is phrophet? who can change the brain of mine?
what is religion? what is life? what is promise? what is die?

in this coldest darkest corner of true dark imperials.
I'm sitting on my black robe and I'm tearing with the pride.

ah, I see a funeral, the funeral of the brains.
but no one feels this dying, true silent dying of my brain.

Wishless Death

i'm jealous to the twisted older trees.
because there isn't a thing I twist that.

i'm jealous to this grave I slept.
because it's not my bosom where to sleep.

i'm jealous to the river creeps on earth.
because there isn't a hope for creep.

i'm jealous to the winds of gray woods.
because I've not a power to whisper.

i'm jealous to this white wide winter.
because there isn't a white spot in my spirit.

i'm jealous to the falling of my tears.
because here isn't height in the end of depths.

i'm jealous to myself of mourner.
because there isn't a mourn for myself.

i'm jealous to death which is my wish.
because there isn't a death wishes me.