Avinar - 1999 - Growing Forbidden
In Our Forest of Burning

when I was shine, I did neigh backwards. because I was helpless. my screams on the throne and my gloom like fire of hell, now and here. because I died in graven of gloom, graven of fire. devil's hand are holy when I burn here. god's wiplash contact to my head. I died by dead angel. covet to dark hell out. wherever labels unforgiven place. where the devil lives and he is happy. because I wait to him. I come to neverland. I howl like a werewolf of satan. all this miseries just for me. my new lable is rebel here! I see one pentagram, now. in satan hands one pentagram. this is the time of my creeping lips. this is dark hell. dark hell is mother tear and father fear.

Night Hymn

soaslaheli khamashimagoyaney. khavoney marotiovobey jasima yakhazadeyheli. asyaneyheli shikositeyheli. neymaasdey povochaya beyyashi neyyasiteyneydey.